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Our Approach

AETHRA is inspired by the strong and powerful women. Being fascinated about the Greek mythology, where women were powerful due to their status as goddesses.

Our Story

Who had a dream about the perfect heels but never found them?

I am sure that all of us had one.

How AETHRA took life?

All the time, before my shopping, I had this imagine of the perfect shoes, however I was coming back home without any item as I couldn’t find those amazing heels. To be comfortable, easy to walk in, having high heels but in the same time to not slip or fall (I know, so many requests and it looks impossible to find them no?)

Well, not really!

Because of this reason, AETHRA took life.

AETHRA understood the scale of the footwear. The secret of the shoes lies in balance and taste.

We aim to bring fresh and bright shoes to millions of gorgeous women and inspire confidence, self worth and independence to all of our customers!

Thank you to all our  customers for supporting us and for being so loyal!

With Love AETHRA,


Come, walk with us: AETHRA experience

At AETHRA, we never settle, constantly improving to make it all better.

Every pair of our bespoke shoes begins with a last carved and finished by hand using traditional methods.

We’ve got all you need to invent a style that’s all yours.

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There is nothing that we love more than helping our customers find their sole mate.

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